Writing in my journal healed my life.

There are too many choices, too many noises, and too many voices pushed at us every day. 

Writing in my journal healed my life. This is why I started this blog and created my first self-guided journal. I write everyday in my private journal. I want to help other women and artists clear the minds of the cobwebs and crud, stunting growth and creativity. 

I went to help others heal and be creative through a healing process by writing in journals, coloring pages, art projects, and positive affirmations. All of us have a creative genius deep inside. Let’s find your creative genius. My passion is to help people be happy, giggle and smile. 

Harmony In Life is a journey to find your treasure, which will give you peace and the right kind of balance.

In the morning, quiet time with God sets up my day every day in a positive, uplifting way. The quiet time with God gives me my superpower to change me and the way I think. During my quiet time, I write in my journal. As a creative, It helps me clean out the thoughts that are keeping me from pursuing my purpose in this world.

Have you ever had a quiet time where you are all alone to write in a journal everything that is on your mind?

Every day, I pray that God will fill me with His wisdom, message, and the means to communicate it. God has already made it very clear to me this is why I was born, to be an artist, writer, and teacher for Him.

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