10 Watercolor Tips and Tricks

10 Watercolor Tips and Tricks

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Tip 1

How do I start a painting?
Draw first before you start your painting. Use a very light pencil and erase the darker lines before you begin painting.

Tip 2

How do I know if this is the right color? 

Test your brush and color on a scrap piece of paper before you put it on to your final painting.

Tip 3

How do I fix unexpected blending or blooming of colors and paint?

If there is a lot of water, grab a clean, dry paper towel and blot the area.

Tip 4

How do I clean up a mistake? 

Use a paper towel to blot a drip or a mistake. Do NOT wipe. 

Tip 5

What is the best way to paint a watercolor? Paint lightly and ad layers to your art and design.

Tip 6

How do I create the perfect color? Blend in tray and test before you put it on your paper.

Tip 7

Can you blend watercolor on the paper?

The answer to that is YES. Once you have water on your paper, you can add paint.

Tip 8

Can you just play and mix watercolor on paper?

The answer to that is YES. Mix colors on paper, and sometimes you come up with a Happy Accident.

Tip 9

Is there a way to speed up my drying time?

The answer to that is YES. 

I don’t want to wait for it to dry. Use a hairdryer in a “cool” setting to speed up the process.

Tip 10

Can I create special effect on my watercolor painting?

The answer to that is YES.

Add salt to a very wet area that has paint on it.


Karen Elaine

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