Day 4 – Easiest Watercolor Flower Painting Ever

Do you want to learn to paint some very easy but delicate watercolor flowers? Day 4 is the day for you. We will learn how to paint baby’s breath and along with flowers that look like petunias.

The class is an on-demand class. Learn fast or slow. Finish in 7 days or seven weeks. The main thing is to have FUN. Once you sign up, you can take the class anytime. There are over 4 hours of instruction and fun. 

Have you thought?

“I can’t paint or draw.” — I’ve got news for you. – OH, YES, You can learn to paint and draw!

Have you thought?

“How in the world do you get started?” — I can help you get started today.

Have you thought?

Or, “I don’t have any talent!” —

And – YES— You do have talent. Anyone can learn to paint and draw if you have the desire to do so.

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