Harmony in life is something different for everyone.  It can be that feeling you get when running, and your second wind kicks into gear. For me I find harmony writing and creating art. I love color, and my passion is to create playful, whimsical and sometimes quirky art and writings that makes people happy, giggle, and smile. Come join me on my journey.

What about you, what is Harmony in Life to you?

Online Video Art Classes Sunny Art Academy

Drawing + Watercolor + Oil Pastel + Acrylic + Markers, etc

Online on-demand video classes have been launched. Classes are divided up by age, category, and subject.

Our kid-tested classes were filmed in real-time, but remember, if we go too fast, you can pause the video and catch up. Each lesson has easy-to-follow, detailed step-by-step instructions. You can choose from beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons. Each student has a choice where they want to start.

When you go through Elements of Art 101, each lesson builds on the first one. We introduce a person to drawing, painting, composition and other fundamentals. It is as if you were in a class at a private art school. This class series starts as young as four years old and goes up to 12 or 13 years of age. The videos that are part of this Art Curriculum all have Online Video ART Classes + downloads. The download PDFs include information about the subject, like penguins, the ocean, or history lessons on famous artists.

“The How to Draw Series with Markers” is a series of short videos showing how to draw, blend and shade with markers. Many of the videos are holiday related. You can choose from how to draw animals to how to draw mushrooms. This series is cute, funny, and cartoony style.

How to Draw an Owl in a Pumpkin Patch with Oil Pastels

How to Paint Sunflowers in Watercolors for Beginners

How to paint with Acrylics on Canvas: A Whimsical Autumn Tree