Choices determines your future.

We can choose to be happy and grateful for what we have or not.

——Choices determines your future.

Remember the choices you make are your choices.

Here are some things to help your life to have that harmony and joy.

——— No matter where you are, be there.
If you are at the dinner table, turn off your phone and have dinner with those who are at that table. If you are at work, focus on work. Don’t be thinking about what happened last night or planning your weekend. When you are at home, don’t be thinking about work.

———-Find a way to have creative time management.
When I was working on my book, I would get up 3 hours before my family got up. I still made breakfast and spent time with my family, so my life had that harmony I desired so much.

——- Combine parts of your life.
As a designer, my husband got me an iPad one Christmas and an Apple pencil. With these tools, I can draw and do illustrations while we all watch a movie in the living room. When my husband started his fishing charters, the day before he had a client, he would take my daughter and me out fishing to find where the fish were biting. Combining his job with the family helped him to be a hero with his clients and us.

———- Find a way to let go.
Advertising says we can have it all. I don’t know if that is true. If we are so crazy about having it all, we will find we will go mad. We all need to make choices. If you are running after something big, you are leaving something else behind. Saying yes to one thing means you must say no to something else. Remember your choices will define you and your relationships.

— Clean up the clutter.
Get organized and clean up the kitchen. I know if my house is clean and straight, that can give me peace and harmony. Cleaning is not my favorite thing to do in life. Face it for me; it is by far one of the things I hate the most.

———— Watch who you “let into your room.”
You only have one life. Let’s say your life is a room. Who would you let into that room?
If there are people in your life that are toxic or consistently need more and suck the life out of you, find a way to let them go. Please direct them to something or someone else. Stop responding to their text. On Facebook, you can choose not to see them on your feed without unfriending them. After all, unfriending them can cause even more drama.

———— And Finally — Choose to get grateful.
All of us — Yes, every one of us can be grateful for something! Do you have a job? Maybe it isn’t your dream job, but do you have one? Do you have a good friend to hang out with this weekend? Did you eat today? Do you have a place to live? If you are reading this, most likely, the answers are something you can be thankful for today.

Gratitude goes a long way.

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