Do you ever want to SCREAM?

Sometimes, don’t you feel like you just want to scream? I know I do. 

This journal was created for you to scream, rant, and complain. Get “it,” whatever “it” is, out of your mind and body. This practice of writing down everything is very healing. Writing can help you find a way to make that change. Change your thoughts, feelings, and your mind, so your rants can become a fresh way to see yourself and the world around you. 

I was taught to keep all of my thoughts tucked away and control my emotions. Many times I was told “you need a stiff upper lip.” I’m not sure what that even means, Botox? 

As a creative, for many years I struggled with keeping it all in. Keeping all of my emotions, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, insecurities, and attitudes stuffed way deep inside is toxic. This practice kept me from being creative. It has stunned my artistic growth. 

I have created this book so you and I can write down what is on our minds. These days you can’t say anything without offending someone. So now, you can write it all out in your private journal. We live in a different world right now, and I know this will help. Once you have cleaned out the clutter, you will begin to see the world in a different light, think more clearer, and even live a better life. 

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