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In the meanwhile, here is a little more about me and what I can do for you. My name is Karen Elaine, and I believe art and design make the world go round. Everything you see and use has been touched by an artist, from the clothes you wear to the car you ride in or even the package, bag, or box your food comes in has been designed, decorated, or illustrated by an artist.

I’m on a journey of finding Harmony in Life through art and writing.

Harmony In Life is something different for every person. For one person, it is financial peace of mind. For another, it is very spiritual. And there is still another who gets harmony when running, and your second wind kicks into gear. For me it is to teach you, my artist friend, everything I know about art for fun, art for  design, and the art of journaling for a better way of life. 

I first started painting in watercolors on a hillside overlooking Lake Geneva while attending the American College of Switzerland.

I am a native Texan born and raised in Dallas, now living in southern California. I love color, and my passion is to create playful, whimsical, and sometimes quirky art and writings that make people happy, giggle and smile.

I am also an art instructor. 

My mission is to teach you guys everything I know about painting, drawing, and journaling.

XO with gratitude,

Karen Elaine

Karen Barge