Inspiration For You

Here are a few of my coloring pages and supplies I used.

I have several sets of colored pencils.

One of my favorite brands is Crayola. Back in college, I used Prismacolor and Design, so I still have those pencils. I think markers are all the same. I like Crayola and Tombow. I get the Tombow brand because they have two different tips, a brush on one end and a regular pen tip on the other.


My Private Scream Journal coloring page

Color Pencils

Back in college, I used Prismacolor color pencils, so I still have those pencils. They are more expensive than other pencils. I recently bought some new pencils and what I have found is Prismacolor pencils are not the same quality pencils I had in college. They are more brittle and do not sharpen without breaking. So, I feel they are not worth the price you pay.

The pencils back in college are creamier and blind well with each other. I used to take a Q-tip with a little oil on it and smooth over the pencil strokes. My color pencil art looked like an oil painting. But the new Prismacolor pencils are too chalky.

L I S T  O F  S U P P L I E S

Faber-Castell Graphite Sketch Pencil Set

Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser in White

Sharpe Markers Variety Pack in Black

Prismacolor Pencils

Crayola Colored pencils

Dual Tip Art Marker Pens Fine Point Journal Pens & Colored Brush tip

Tombow markers

Coloring page for my private journal